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Momentum Trading, Made Easy!

Woah! 40% gains in minutes?

HOW do you find these BEFORE the move is already done?

ANSWER: A few simple settings on our stock screener.

Interesting. Let me see it in action.

My 5 Easy Settings for Momo Wins

My favorite settings for finding runners (highlighted with a yellow border in the filter settings below)...

  1. Only Stocks
  2. Price Range = 1 to 15
  3. Volume > 100 (I change this to > 100k after 2pm)
  4. 2 minute % change greater than 0%
  5. SORT = 2 Minute Price Move in Descending Order

A few extra tips

The lower the float and stronger the volume, the better. If there are few shares available to trade (aka float), then when a ton of volume hits the stock it can move fast.

Click here to try it out, yourself.

We do it for the fans...

Great platform. Really like it. Been trading for 1 year and I was looking for a momentum scanner without joining those chatrooms that confuse more than they help and I did all 3/3 profitable trades today using this scanner! Keep up the good work!" -R. Kundu
Very Impressed" - D. Long
OMG!!! The new screener just blew (my) mind." S. Flemming
I put $4000 on AUPH this morning. Just sold it. $1127.78 profit." - Roger
Nice! I want to be that happy about trading!

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